M-commerce will account for 13% of European online sales in 2014

The results of a study commissioned by RetailMeNot. Inc. and conducted by the Centre for Retail Research (CRR) provides m-commerce trends on 8 key markets in Europe and the United States.

According to this study, the m-commerce market in Europe is expected to grow 86% in 2014 to reach € 23.4 billion. Mobile purchases on smartphone and tablet will acount for 13% of online sales in 2014, compared to 8% in 2013.

In France, mobile sales will more than double this year (+106%) to reach € 4.2 billion. Mobile will account for 14% of all retail e-commerce sales in France in 2014.

France is positioned as the third largest European market, behind the UK and Germany.

Infographic: from one country to another, how does the web usage differ?

Do internet users have different behavior from one country to another? How local culture influences users?

The infographic published by AT Internet answers these questions. Conducted in February 2014 across 7,000 websites in 4 European countries (France, Germany, Spain, United-Kingdom), this infographic illustrates internet users behavior in these countries on four criteria : traffic, search engines,browsers and operating systems.

34% of smartphone users have made a purchase via their smartphone

Consumers worldwide are increasingly using multiplatform devices, especially mobile, to enhance their in-store shopping experience, according to DigitasLBi study entitled “Connected Commerce: A Snapshot of the Modern Shopper”.

Among the key findings, the study highlights that people are now using their smartphone more and more to enhance their shopping experience. Half of survey respondents worldwide agree that the use of smartphones has changed the way they shop.

34% of smartphone users have made a purchase via their smartphone:

  • On a global scale, China leads the way with 76% of smartphone users making a mobile purchase in the last three months.
  • Among European countries, Germany and the UK take the lead with 35% of smartphone users have made a purchase via their device.
For more information, you can read  the press release here.
About the methodology: the study was conducted via an online survey from 02/02 to 06/03/2014 across 12 countries : Belgium, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and USA. 

Franklin & Marshall chooses HiPay to handle all payments for their new online store

Franklin & Marshall, the prestigious brand of casual and sportswear famous for its high quality Italian design, has chosen HiPay, part of the HiMedia Group dedicated to digital payments, to process Italian and International transactions on their newly re-designed website.

To handle the complexity of the different payment methods in use throughout Europe and the rest of the world through a single point of contact, Franklin & Marshall chose the support of HiPay. Leading player in online payment HiPay owns two European licenses: Payment Institution and Electronic Money Issuer. An additional guarantee and testimony of the reliability of the platform.

“Being able to offer all our customers around the world the opportunity to pay with the method that they consider “habitual” is certainly a big plus for our e-commerce site. For this reason we chose to collaborate with a solid partner like HiPay with a deep international expertise in the local payments” says Daniele Stella, IT Manager of Franklin & Marshall.

HiPay manages online payments for Franklin & Marshall in the 60 countries where the store ships goods providing both local currencies and sensibility to local fraud issues.

Thanks to an extensive knowledge of the local payment preferences and purchasing habits, HiPay has guided Franklin & Marshall to select the most relevant payment methods in each country (Sofort in Germany, iDeal in The Netherlands …). HiPay solution offers online buyers the choice of how to pay and online merchants the benefit from a single integration and a simplified transactions reconciliation.

As Bruno Gloaguen, Director Europe HiPay affirms: “ Being selected by a major international brand such as Franklin & Marshall proves that our R&D engineers managed to develop the product that totally meets the e-tailers’ needs. Innovations in terms of access and retrieval of the data (Business Intelligence, Financial Reconciliation Fight against Fraud…) simplify the daily work of teams dedicated to online transactions management”.

To download the press release, click here.

Programmatic buying contributed 15.7% of online display spending in Spain in 2013

The report from Spain’s Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB Spain) and Grupo Consultores published in March 2014 confirms that the difficult economic situation has affected the advertising market. Despite the decrease of digital advertising, the report points out some positive trends:

  • Digital ad spending expands its share of total media reaching 20.7% in 2013.
  • Mobile ad spending rose by 47.4% and IAB Spain predicts a further gain of about 40% in 2014.
  • Programmatic buying (carried out via real-time bidding, ad exchanges, DSP…) contributed 15.7% of online display spending.

  Full report is available here - Read more at iabspain.net

HiMedia Group signs deal with Perfect World

Chinese online gaming giant relies on HiMedia Group to develop its business in Europe

On the occasion of the Franco-Chinese Economic Forum taking place today in Paris, Perfect World Company announced that it has chosen to rely on HiMedia Group to support the development of its European office and the release of its award winning latest game Neverwinter in Europe.


Signature of the deal between Cyril Zimmermann (CEO of HiMedia Group)
and Xiao Wang (CEO of Perfect World)

Perfect World operates HiPay services in all Europe and on an exclusive base in France and Belgium.

Last year Perfect World implemented HiPay services in three new countries, Turkey, Italy and Poland and is always exploring new opportunities to expand.

Both companies share a common passion to bring the highest quality service localized solutions to their audience and therefore this collaboration is a natural fit.

HiMedia Group also greatly contributed to the launch of the acclaimed free to play MMORPG Neverwinter thanks to the advertising campaigns done on www.jeuxvideo.com. Jeuxvideo.com is the third biggest editorial videogame websites in the world and the first in Europe. This website reaches 5.8 million UV every month.

To stay competitive in the fast moving online videogame market, it is key for companies to answer the needs of the local markets users. Therefore, the partnership between Perfect World and HiMedia Group will continue to be highly valuable.

To download the press release, click here.

Globally, digital accounted for 39% of recorded music sales in 2013

According to IFPI’s Digital Music Report 2014, global digital music revenues grew by 4.3% in 2013 to reach $5.9 million. Digital sales now account for 39% of total industry global revenues.

Geographically, the world music market is highly diverse with markets growing favouring different consumption models. For instance, in terms of preferences for service types, in Germany, UK and US, downloads are more popular. In France, Italy and Sweden streaming is the favoured model.
On a global scale, the digital download model remains a key revenue stream accounting for 67% of digital music revenues in 2013.
However, the subscription model surged 51.3% in 2013 exceeding $1 billion for the first time. The share of the subscription model as a percentage of digital revenues globally is growing year by year. The industry now derives 19% of its digital revenues from subscription  service, up from 6% in 2008.

For more information, you can download the complete report here.

Mobile devices take up 47% of all screen time vs only 4% of global media ad spend

According to Millward Brown’s study AdReaction 2014: Marketing in the multiscreen world, daily time spent on mobile devices is now outpacing TV for the first time. This study explores the use, behaviour and receptivity to advertising of multiscreen users across 30 countries globally. Focusing on the four main screens of TVs, smartphones, tablets and laptops, AdReaction 2014 provides readers with an essential guide on the momentum of multiscreen use and the implications for brands.

According to the findings, the smartphone has emerged as the primary screen worldwide taking up 35% of daytime screen use. Globally, in 2013,  mobile devices (including tablet) accounted for 47% of all screen time daily, compared to only 4% of total media spend. This significant gap between time and money spent on mobile devices is promising for the business on mobile devices. Indeed, mobile ad spend is forecast to triple by 2016.


To find out more about multiscreen usage and behaviour, you can download the complete report or go to the website dedicated to the study.

The firm surveyed  more than 12,000 consumers across 30 countries, averaging 400 interviews per country. They interviewed 16-44 year old multiscreen users (defined as people who own or have access to both a TV and either a smartphone or tablet).


European online sales will expand 11.9 times faster than offline sales in 2014

The results of the study, conducted by RetailMeNot. Inc. in collaboration with the Centre for Retail Research in February 2014, confirm that E-commerce is the fastest growing retail market in Europe.

The study reveals that in 2014, online sales in Europe will expand 11.9 times times faster than offline retail sales.

  • Germany will register the highest performance: online sales will grow 43 times faster than offline sales.
  • France is above the European average: online retailers will expand 17.3 times faster than conventional stores in 2014.

For more information, you can read the press release.

Promod has chosen HiPay online payment solution for its Polish e-commerce website

Paris, March 18th 2014, Promod, the affordable female fashion brand, has chosen HiPay – the payment entity of the HiMedia Group – and its HiPay solution to process payments on its e-commerce site in Poland.

With a turnover of more than €1 billion in 2012, of which 60% was generated through international business, Promod now has more than 1,066 stores in 52 countries. The group expansion strategy is not just based upon opening stores, but also on the development of online shops in some countries. “Our strategy is to capitalize on the strengths of both pathways,” explains Sébastien Franquet, Web Marketing Manager at Promod. “Our local e-commerce websites are positioned as complete outlets, meaning that our products are even more accessible in each market.”

Motivated by a desire to expand on an international scale, the Promod group identified a number of key countries, such as Poland, as developing markets, having experienced a strong growth in online commerce: €5.2 billion, with forecasts of +20% over 2013*. To ensure fast and efficient deployment of their e-shops in this country, Promod wanted to be supported by an expert in processing digital payments: HiPay.

As Bruno Gloaguen, HiPay Europe Director, explained: “The international deployment of an e-commerce site requires real expertise in purchasing behaviour in each market. In fact, habits and constraints in online payment practices differ greatly from one country to another. Entering a new market therefore requires keeping an eye on the most relevant payment services for the business model and the line of business. It also takes into account the impact on the conversion rate, manages payments in local currency, and looks at risks and costs – not to mention customer service.”

Using the HiPay solution for online transaction processing, Promod offers the most relevant payment methods to Polish online shoppers: in Poland, the credit card is far from being the most frequently used payment method, since it is widely upstaged by online bank transfers, which represent nearly 80%** of payments!

Another decisive advantage for Promod in choosing the HiPay solution is the support they will receive in managing the complexity of online transactions in this market. There are more than 30 banks with whom e-tailers must work if they wish to provide 100% satisfaction to the online Polish customers who choose to pay for their purchases by online or classic bank transfers.

“In many cases, the e-retailer has to conclude contracts with lots of local partners just to sometimes establish a bank account or a legal entity on site. Payment methods, local practices and the risks of internationalization – none of these elements should be overlooked when it comes to successful international expansion!” concludes Bruno Gloaguen.

A collaboration that the Promod group intends to continue regarding other countries.

To download the press release, click here.

*Nokaut Avril 2013
**Internal source HiPay